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Good public participation is founded in representation, where governments hear and consider the voices of residents when they are making decisions. Representation requires consultation, where residents are asked for their opinions on topics. Foundationally, consultation requires good communication, where governments make a concerted effort to keep all residents informed about decisions. 

This toolkit is designed to facilitate good public participation; that is, adequate opportunities for residents to have their views and voices heard when decisions about an ID are being made. CSOs can use this toolkit to build momentum and alignment with their governments to be more receptive, responsive, and intentional about developing and deploying an ID system that is inclusive and in line with principles of Good ID. 


This toolkit includes tools intended to increase ‘communication’ so that residents understand why the ID is being rolled out, how it will affect them, and the purpose behind digital ID, giving them confidence to participate in public consultation moments.


This toolkit provides methods for meaningful input during the ‘consultation’ phase, equipping residents with resources to voice their perspective in ways that government can consider and include.


This toolkit aims to facilitate ‘representation’ of residents’ opinions and concerns, allowing their perspectives shape and inform government decisions.

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